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Friday, April 9, 2010


Emoticons are soooo cute. Here are a couple of my favorites: :) =) B) B| =D ; ) :>
I use emoticons all the time!

Second Blog

I just posted my first blog. This is my second. The incredible excitement is wearing off. It is almost midnight, anyway. I wonder if anyone has read this.Anyway, I'm just listening to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, the French part. I absolutely love that part, even if I don't like the song as much. But I love Lady Gaga. I can't believe she's only like 27. She looks so old!

My First Time

Hi everybody. This is my first time blogging on my first ever blog! I'm so excited! I'm giddy! Ecstatic! Blithe! Rapturous! It's wearing off. This is still awesome, though!